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On my new website I introduce myself and my hobbies.

I love to tell the story of Jesus and his
Grace. I spent my twenties thinking I
could do whatever I set my mind to accomplish. 
It was all about me and what I wanted. 
I did accomplish much. I went to
college, and after graduation, married my high school sweetheart. We settled in
a small town, had great jobs with promising careers. We bought a house, had many toys – cars,
bicycles, camper, motorcycles, the list went on. But there was something within that was
missing. I always felt like I was
missing out, so another party to host, another outing to plan, a great social
life agenda. But it did not work. Then I decided I should change jobs and did.
I was still missing something. As I
looked around the picture perfect living room with a fire in the fireplace, our
dog on the hearth, my husband in the matching chair, I realized I still felt so
lonely and alone. That is when I decided
I would end the marriage that was not making me happy.

After moving into an small 3 room apartment, I was
thinking I was liberated of all the was holding me down. Obviously within a very short time I
recognized that all that was bothering me had moved with me. I was still missing something, and now I was
really alone! Driving to my apartment in
a snow storm after work I realized I had no one that would care if I made it
home or not. I was unloved. I spent many nights crying and questioning a
reason for life. A couple that had been
friends for a long time saw my despair and invited me to their home to
live. God was watching over me without
my realization. I spent that winter with
them while I search for the answers to life that had me so bound in hopelessness.

But God had not forgotten me. My grandmother was a praying woman, and I
know God answered her prayers, many years after she had uttered them for
me. As a child I remember her reading
the Bible and taking us to church. Those
memories flooded my mind and soul. I
dusted off a Bible packed decades ago and started reading. I cried out “God if you are real – show
me”. He did and He has faithfully
continued to do so. I can’t put into
words how I realized that Jesus had died for me, that my sins were forgiven and
that God had prepared a place for me in heaven for eternity. The Bible became the living word of God and
the truth became real in my heart. The
missing something in my life was Jesus. 
I knew that I knew that I knew. 
That knowing, that Peace that passes understanding, has been with me for
more than half my life now. The day I
said “Jesus, thank you, for giving Your life for me, for taking my sins on the cross, that was the
best day.”  

My walk with Jesus is daily. I need prayer, encouragement, fellowship and
teaching. God has given that to me
through His word, the Bible, and a Family of believers. God is Awesome. GRACE- God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense.

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